1, the copyright statement
Guangdong inspection and quarantine technology center (hereinafter referred to as IQTC) is by the guangdong inspection and quarantine technology center (hereinafter referred to as IQTC) sole to undertake.All content on this site owned by IQTC completely.
In this website all the information contained in unless otherwise indicated, copyright owned by IQTC.Without the consent of the owner's written signature, any other individual or organization shall not transfer the resources on this site in any form, copy, edit, or publish use on any other occasions;Shall not put any of them in the form of information to the other party, do not put these information in other servers or document as a mirror copy or save;Shall not be modified or any resources in the use of this web site.Offenders will be shall be investigated for corresponding legal responsibility according to law.
"IQTC" as IQTC trademark, without going through IQTC clear written permission, no one may use without authorization.Offenders will be shall be investigated for corresponding legal responsibility according to law.
2, content
All kinds of information provided by this web site will only as visitors can refer to a source of information, cannot and should not be considered as we need to take responsibility legal opinions issued, cannot and should not be used to replace our officially issued by any form of legal letters.For readers to use this web site information itself and the direct or indirect business decisions, and personal decisions and other decisions and decision, we do not assume any form of liability.
All kinds of information provided by this web site may be issued by the public and non-public forms, we do not guarantee that the information such as there is no difference between, but that doesn't mean it in terms of quality, properties, and we are in charge of degree of readers discriminatory treatment.
For visitors through this web site provides links to or acquired by such other web sites and other institutions of all kinds of information, we are not its authenticity, validity, integrity and accuracy of any nature guarantees, we also does not assume any form of the responsibility.
IQTC will make reasonable effort to discuss this website regularly, chat messages, and similar web page for viewing, but this should be regarded as IQTC obligations.For users to access or use the above web page may be produced by any false, false information, or insult, slander, obscenity, intimidation and any other of the content of which is prohibited by the laws of the People's Republic of China, the starfish yacht group and this web site is not liable.Any user once spread the illegal content on this web site, this website reserves the right to the offending content or broken links, and will take the initiative to or at the request of law enforcement agencies to law enforcement agencies to provide the this website all information known to the user.
Once you have found on any web page on this site for any infringement of the legitimate rights and interests you, please be sure to notify the site, in order to IQTC take corresponding measures.
3, the use of risk
When you access and use of this web site, you should know so all risks to be borne by you.You know you must be clear, clear when to access and use of this web site, the possibility of any risks, including the following situations, and can produce the corresponding damage or inconvenience, IQTC not assume responsibility;Because you will tell the user password to others or share with others the registration bank account, or any other can be enshrined in your own reason, leading to any individual or company information disclosure.
Any due to force majeure (including but not limited to hacker attacks, computer viruses invade or attack, temporary shut down due to government regulation, etc.) caused by the personal information leak, loss, theft or tampered with.Because with this web site links to other sites of the personal information leakage and therefore cause of any legal disputes and consequences.
In addition, if you because of access to and use of this web site or any information downloaded from this web site and cause your computer infected with any virus, or to any of your computer equipment or other property damage.
Above although risk probability is small, but not to exist.
4, additional instructions
IQTC update the circumstances of this web site, modify the "legal notices", you shall be bound by any such changes.Therefore, please be sure to read this page regularly to learn constraint you with in this paper, the latest content on this site.The right to explain and modify the above rules ownership IQTC.

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